3 Turf Supplies You Will Need for DIY Installation

There are a variety of reasons you may be leaning towards replacing your current landscape lawn with artificial turf. Regardless of your reasoning, you have two options for laying down the turf. The first is to have a professional step in and assist you and the other is, of course, the do-it-yourself approach. If you have decided to take on the DIY approach for your new turf, there are a few turf supplies you will need to help the project along.

Weed Killer and Removal Tools

The first step to making sure your turf goes down evenly and without future conflicts is to weed the area for your turf. You need to make sure that all naturally occurring grass and weeds are removed from the area and that either a layer of weed block is put down or that weed killer is used to prevent further growth.

You will also need tools to help you with this endeavour. Your tools will greatly depend on the amount of weeds and grass you need removed and the type of growth that needs to be removed. Ideally, you will need some simple hand tools for smaller areas and lawn mowers or weed eaters for larger areas.

Filler Soil

One of the steps you may not think of is to fill in your soil. The land for your turf needs to be even and flat. This will prevent problems that could cause rips, tears, or water damage following the installation. For example, if you have uneven land, you could end up with pits and dips in your turf that catch and hold rainwater. This could lead to water damage and mould on the turf.

To prevent this, you can take the step of having filler soil brought in and the soil placed on the current land. You will then need to even out the area and flatten out the new soil using shovels, trowels, or other similar devices and water. This step requires you to wet the soil and then use the trowels or other tools to even the area and flatten it.

Cutting Tools

When you begin to lay the turf, you will find that cutting the turf to fit the area is necessary. This will require more than your traditional kitchen shears. In fact, having several cutting tools at your disposal may be best in order to handle the different cuts you may need to make.

Some of the cutting tools to consider are utility knives and carpet knives. If you are in doubt about what type of cutting tool may be best for the turf you choose, you can ask your local turf supply dealer for advice and suggestions based on the manufacturer and style of turf.

These are only three of the basic supplies you will need to start the process of a DIY turf installation project. If you are ready to get started, visit your local hardware store for supply pricing.

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