An Easy Side Yard Landscaping Solution

Often, figuring out what to do with that narrow stretch of land, the side yard, is left on the "to do" list by many homeowners.  Somehow this area remains a neglected and weed-prone challenge, as other more urgent priorities arise and place demands on your time and budget.

Here is a quick and easy solution that can solve your side yard problem for good. Better yet, it is extremely economical and simple enough for the beginner handyman. Follow this guide to make an attractive gravel pathway to fill the area and make a functional connection from front yard to back.

Why Choose Gravel?

Gravel, unlike bricks and cement, is very easy path material to install, and is also quite inexpensive. It has many other beneficial qualities such as the following:

  • Has an attractive, natural appearance.
  • Allows water to reach through to the soil, which prevents pooling in heavy rains.
  • Doesn't become slippery in wet conditions
  • Will not crack like rigid paving materials such as concrete.

The huge selection of particle sizes and colours, readily available from any landscaping supplies outlet like Aussie Rockmen, makes gravel such an adaptable and appealing material. It goes well with houses of any style or era.

After making your choice of gravel, the only additional landscaping material you need is the edging to keep the gravel contained.

Metal edging is an excellent choice because it is flexible and will curve nicely. It is also the most economical and offers a crisp, borderless appearance as it comes in green or brown aluminium or steel. However, the material choices are many, and you may prefer treated wood, bricks, stones or perhaps plastic edging.

Arrange to have the gravel delivered and unloaded onto a tarpaulin as close as possible to your working area. Then it is quicker and easier to wheelbarrow it.

Creating the Gravel Path

Make the outline for your path. It need not be a simple straight line; you may like to add twists or curves for additional interest.

You can use a garden hose or rope and adjust these until you have the outline of the shape you want.

Complete the path with these easy steps:

  • Smooth out and level a channel for the path between your outline markers.
  • Lay the edging material which will keep the gravel contained.
  • Anchor it with the metal stakes that come with it.
  • Fill with gravel to just below the top of the edging and rake it out to make an even surface.

Why not make a visit to your nearest landscaping supplies outlet next weekend and choose your gravel. In a day or two your side yard will become an attractive area and actual source of pride.

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