Landscaping Features That Provide Sun Protection

There are a number of ways that you can achieve a greater degree of protection from the sun in your garden by using both soft and hard landscaping features. An open plot of grass may be great if you have kids that like to run around and play games, but open lawns provide little by way of respite from the sun's rays. Whether you want a cool corner of your garden that you can rest in during the midday heat or would prefer an all together shadier garden which is less exposed to the elements, take note of the following tips.

  • Pergolas

These hard landscaping features are much-loved in Europe and Australia because they add an architectural feature as well as shade. Freestanding pergolas can be installed any position in your garden, but one of the most common places to have one put up is over a patio that adjoins your property. This way, not only does the outdoor seating area have some shading to enjoy, but it helps to keep the inside of your home cool, too.

  • Planting

Tall trees with broad leaf patterns are ideal for creating shade in your garden, although you will need to consider how much water they will take from the soil. Species such as the Ghost Maple, the Cape Chestnut and Irish Strawberry Tree all grow well in most parts of the country. Native to South Australia, the Desert Ash is another popular choice because it grows rapidly and can withstand lots of heat. Always consider the north-facing part of your garden when planting these sorts of trees so that they cause the greatest amount of shade for the longest proportion of the day.

  • Shade Sails

Often seen in public places, such as plazas and school playgrounds, shade sail installations are a superb way of creating a cool space at a relatively low cost. In most cases, their load bearing sections are installed into a concrete base, which means they are extremely robust and can withstand high winds. Fabric is then drawn over the top of them to create some interesting patterns and shapes as well.

  • Arbours

Derived from the French word for grass, arbours are commonly temporary hard landscaping features which can be moved around from place to place on a lawn. Usually, they are little more than a bench seat which has a high back and small roof that provides a shaded area for its occupants. Although small, the advantage of an arbour is that you can reorientate it to deal with the moving sun.

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