Vital Maintenance Tips to Prolonging the Lifespan of Your Lawn Mower

If landscaping is important to you, undoubtedly your lawn mower will be one of the most used pieces of equipment on your property. However, despite your lawn mower being hard wearing, it is in need of routine maintenance to ensure that its components are in optimum working condition. Other than occasional professional maintenance, there are a few measures that you should also take to keep your lawn mower in good working condition. Below are vital maintenance tips you could employ to prolong the lifespan of your lawn mower.

Tip 1: Regularly change the engine oil and fuel of your lawn mower

One of the most important things that you can do for your lawn mower is ensure that the engine oil is changed on a fairly regular basis. However, ensure that you are only using oil that is recommended by the manufacturer, as the incorrect consistency could lead to engine trouble for your mower. Since the mower is exposed to dirt and grime, failure to change the engine oil will result in your equipment operating with dirty oil. The dirty oil will not only clog the engine, but also will cause friction between the internal components, resulting in engine damage. Secondly, when fuelling your lawn mower, ensure that you always add a stabiliser. The stabiliser functions to make sure that your mower's engine will not suck up water, hence preventing the occurrence of corrosion and subsequent damages.

Tip 2: Regularly change or clean the air filter

Filter cleaning or replacement is prudent no matter what type of lawn mower you have. Since the filter is tasked with keeping debris out of your engine while ensuring proper ventilation a clogged filter can directly translate into your engine overheating. The reduced airflow due to a blocked filter will also cause your engine's performance to decline over time. As such, you will find that your mower is working even harder to cut your grass, which significantly decreases its lifespan.

Tip 3: Regularly inspect fasteners and cables

When your lawn mower is in use, it is exposed to intense vibrations, especially if your yard is uneven. Over time, these vibrations can cause the loosening of cables and fasteners on your mower. If you do not realise that this is happening, your mower steadily becomes less efficient. Moreover, loose cables could result in you losing your ability to control the equipment, which can make your mower a safety hazard. It is prudent to routinely inspect the various components of the mower and tighten them as need be.  

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