Reasons Buffalo Turf Is Ideal For Families with Small Children

For many homeowners, the deciding factor when buying a new property is whether it would have a spacious yard for their kids and pets to play in. However, it is also not uncommon to find homeowners who invest in the big garden only to keep it cordoned off because they do not want their grass trampled on. If you would like to make the most of your garden, you should consider looking for buffalo turf for sale. This type of natural grass is experiencing a growth in popularity among homeowners as it provides a vast array of advantages. Below are just a few of the reasons why buffalo turf would make an ideal choice for families with small children.

Buffalo turf offers hassle free maintenance

Children and pets need adequate space to run and roughhouse to their hearts' desire. But if you install weak grass in your yard, you will find that you have to invest a significant amount of your time in maintaining it. Not only would you have to mow it routinely to keep it in pristine condition, but also these maintenance measures would have to be complemented with regular weeding, fertilising and more. Not to mention that pest infestations are a serious threat and could end up decimating your entire turf. When you opt for buffalo turf for sale, you would not have to worry about labour intensive maintenance. This grass is quite resistant to disease when compared to other grass species. Moreover, it does not require excessive watering and fertilising for it to thrive.

Buffalo turf is self-repairing

Another reason why you should invest in buffalo turf for your property is its self-repairing characteristics. With buffalo turf, you do not have to worry about limiting the amount of activity that your yard is exposed to. Whether you would like to play a game of footy with the kids, install a trampoline, put up swing sets or simply have lawn furniture on the grass, the buffalo turf will not be at risk of developing brown patches or bare spots. The innate wear resistance that this grass has makes it extremely tolerant to high traffic. If some blades of grass break off or are squished into the ground, the grass will regrow in a short amount of time.

Buffalo turf is soft to the touch

Some people may assume that since buffalo turf is quite hard wearing this means it will be quite tough to the touch. The truth of the matter is that the blades of this grass have an innately soft leaf, making it ideal for both children and pets. The lush grass will not only provide cushioning in the event of falls, but the soft blades also minimise the risk of bruising and abrasions from grass burn.

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