3 Insights for Installing Artificial Turf on Your Lawn

In landscaping, choosing artificial turf over natural grass seems like the more obvious decision for most property owners. Not only is artificial turf safe, but it also requires less maintenance and lasts longer. However, for you to fully enjoy the benefits of artificial turf, it is vital to install it the right way, and that requires the services of a professional landscaper. Therefore, you have to spend a little bit of money for turf installation services. Alternatively, you can opt to install the turf yourself; however, it can be a problem if you have never taken on such a DIY project. This article highlights tips for the successful installation of artificial turf.

Set Grains in the Same Direction

If you are planning on laying artificial turf on a large area, you might need several sections of the turf to cover the project area. It is achieved by joining the different smaller parts together. One mistake that most first-timers make is failure to pay attention to the direction of the grains on the artificial turf. Therefore, the newbies end up mismatching the grain direction of the different sections of the turf. Unfortunately, the DIYerss only realise the mistake once they have done a substantial piece of the work. Most importantly, before installing a section of turf, ensure that the grains are running in the same direction as the previously installed section. It will give your lawn a uniform and neat look.

Prevent Weeds

Once they have prepared the ground for artificial grass installation, most DIY enthusiasts forget one critical step; preventing the growth of weeds. If you just lay the artificial turf on compacted sand, then it is more than likely that natural grass and weeds will grow through the turf. When this happens, you will have drainage issues, and that is the last thing you want. Therefore, before you install your artificial grass, remember to cover the compacted sand of the project area with a weed killing membrane. The membrane suppresses the growth of weeds, thereby ensuring that the artificial turf remains clean and level at all times.

Roll, Don't Drag the Turf

It is easy to get carried away when laying artificial turf, especially if you have a helping hand. For example, it is common to find people dragging turf across compacted sand during the installation process. However, it is the wrong approach since it interferes with the levelled ground. The right way to install artificial turf is to roll it on the prepared ground. Not only will you avoid interfering with the level compacted sand, but rolling is also a quicker and more efficient way to lay the turf as opposed to dragging.

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