See the Little Things You Do to Keep Your Lawn Grass Greener and Healthier

Do you need to flood the lawn with chemicals to make the lawn grass beautiful? No. Maintaining green and healthy lawn grass, such as buffalo turf, requires you to know the maintenance practices to uphold. A healthy lawn starts with the right approach when buying lawn grass and when installing it. Here are steps you take to ensure the lawn grass you install stays healthy and green throughout the year:

Appreciate and Practice Proper Aeration

The lawn is among the highly used areas in your home, especially if you have pets and kids. The soil beneath the lawn grass becomes compacted over time if the lawn is regularly used. Even the mowing you do weekly also causes soil compaction. Compacted soil causes poor nutrient absorption, water drainage and air circulation. Moreover, earthworms and other beneficial organisms don't do well in hard or compacted soils. Lawn aeration involves punching 8-centimetre deep holes throughout the lawn to make the soil loose. This way, you enhance air circulation and help the grass to make good use of the nutrients and water available. Use a handheld aerating tool to aerate your lawn if you can't hire an aerating machine.

Make Good Use of Your Garden and Kitchen Waste

Lawn grass becomes greener depending on the nutrients it receives. Where do you take the grass clippings when you mow the lawn? You shouldn't rake and burn them. You should instead compost them to increase nutrients in the soil and boost the health of your lawn grass. The kitchen waste will make the lawn soil richer if it is composted well. Use compost manure if your lawn soil is sandy or contains large amounts of clay to improve water drainage. Kitchen and garden compost also releases nutrients slowly into the soil to stimulate root growth. Besides attracting beneficial worms and insects into the soil, compost discourages soil-borne pests and diseases, prevents topsoil erosion and maintains balanced pH levels in the soil.

Stick to the Correct Watering Pattern

Your lawn grass requires deep watering to stay greener and healthier, but be careful to do it less often. You won't get a healthier lawn if you just turn on the sprinkler for a few minutes two or three times a week. Watering should be deep, but you shouldn't do it frequently if you want the lawn grass to develop strong and healthy roots. According to most turf suppliers and experts, watering the lawn grass 3 centimetres deep once a week will keep it greener and healthier, especially during the hot weather or drought period. However, aspects such as grass species, soil type and weather conditions determine how you water your turf. Watering is more effective when done early in the morning.

So, you now understand that having a beautiful and healthy lawn requires more than getting turf from the supplier. Ensure you mow the grass at the recommended height. Use natural herbicides such as corn gluten to control weeds and root builders such as mycorrhizal to improve soil condition.

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