5 Reasons To Choose Tea Tree Mulch For Flowerbeds

A flowerbed or raised planter bursting with vibrant blooms can be a beautiful addition to any garden, but it takes more to create an attractive flowerbed than some soil and a few bulbs. Adding a thick layer of mulch to the topsoil of your flowerbeds can provide many benefits, and tea tree mulch is one of the most useful and versatile mulches around.

Like the tree it is made from, tea tree mulch has unique properties that set it apart from mulches made from other timbers, as well as alternative mulches made from sugar cane, shredded scrub or geotextiles. Here are five reasons why tea tree mulch can be a fine addition to almost any flowerbed:

Excellent Water Retention

Tea tree mulch is widely prized for its ability to retain moisture and can help keep the soil moist during prolonged periods of dry weather, giving your flowers the moisture they need to thrive. Because tea tree wood is relatively porous, it can retain more water for longer than many other types of timber mulch, especially if the mulch mix you choose also contains bark chippings.

High Nutrient Content

Over time, timber mulches rot and break down, releasing the nutrients contained within the wood into the soil. Tea tree mulch is particularly rich in useful, soil-enriching nutrients, and contains large quantities of potassium (also known as potash), phosphorous and nitrogen. 

These three nutrients are vital to the growth of most plants, and delicate flowering plants are especially reliant on large quantities of potassium and phosphorous. Spreading tea tree mulch over your flowerbeds can boost the growth of your flowers dramatically. It can also lessen your reliance on composting, fertilisation and other soil enrichment methods, saving you time and money.

Insect Repellent

Most tea tree mulches are made from wood leftover from tea tree oil production, but they still contain large quantities of the fragrant oil. This oil has natural insecticidal properties and can help keep plant-eating insects away from your flowers without relying on pesticidal chemicals. Termites seem to be particularly sensitive to tea tree oil, so spreading some tea tree mulch can also help protect your home and outdoor furniture from these voracious pests.


Tea tree oil is also a natural fungicide, and oils released by your mulch can kill off many species of fungi that attack the roots and leaves of delicate flowering plants. These oils also prevent the mulch itself from rotting too quickly, prolonging its useful life and preventing unsightly mildew from growing on your mulch

Pleasant Fragrance

Tea tree mulch retains the characteristic smell of pure tea tree oil and releases these pleasant scents as it decomposes, especially during wet weather. The pleasing smell of tea tree mulch can also help to mask the foul odours of compost and manure-based fertilisers, making your flowerbed a treat for the nose as well as the eyes.

Contact a local landscape supplies store to learn more about your mulch options.

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