What's Involved In Having Vegetation Cleared From Your Land?

If you have a build-up of vegetation on your land, you may be wondering what's involved in having it cleared and whether it's worth doing. You'll need to have vegetation cleared away if you plan on building on your land or if you want to keep animals. Even if you don't want to change how your land is currently being utilised, there are several reasons for clearing the vegetation, aside from improving the aesthetic.

Methods For Clearing Vegetation

The method used to clear away vegetation will depend on what the vegetation consists of and what you want to use your land for once it's cleared. If you have a lot of large bushes and trees on your land, a bulldozer may be used to pull the vegetation out by the roots and pile it in a central area for processing. This method can leave holes that will need to be filled in before you can use your land. Smaller shrubs and saplings can be cleared away with the mulching method. This involves using machinery to cut the vegetation away and process it through a chipper at the same time. The chipper then sprays the processed vegetation out across your land, and this acts like a natural weed suppressant. If you have invasive species of plants on your land and don't want to grow anything once the vegetation is cleared, the burning method may be suitable. This method uses a controlled fire to quickly clear a large area, but it will cause soil erosion.

Benefits Of Clearing Vegetation

Even if you don't want to utilise your land, clearing away the vegetation can help prevent bushfires from spreading during the summer months. Large patches of vegetation can allow fires to rapidly spread to any nearby buildings, so clearing unused land can help to prevent damage and reduce risk to life. If there are buildings on or surrounding your land, they may be at an increased risk of damage from pest infestations if you have vegetation on your land. Vegetation provides food and shelter for a range of pests, such as termites and mice, and encourages them to encroach on your property. If you have some vegetation on your land that you want to keep, partial land clearance can help keep any desirable vegetation healthy by removing competition for nutrients and light.

If you're considering having vegetation cleared from your land, a vegetation clearing company can advise you.

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